What Are The Impacts Of Eating-Disorders?

There are many people who ignore eating disorders at the beginning and suffer a lot at the end. These disorders can take severe forms in future and this is why they need to be treated as soon as they are detected. If abnormal eating pattern or behavior continues for long then these kinds of disorders will occur. Innumerable cases of eating disorders in Massachusetts have been registered currently.

Major Consequences:

  • Your body will be deprived of requisite amount of nutrients as a result of which your health will get deteriorated day by day.
  • Your appetite will get thoroughly disturbed and this might affect your metabolism-rate very badly. Sometimes, you might even experience acute acidity trouble due to irregular food habits.
  • Your body-weight extremely will get dropped and this weight-loss process will not stop till you develop anorexia. Extreme weight-loss is not at all good for health and if you fail to prevent the same on time, then you might even experience death due to malnutrition.
  • Your personality will also get affected badly due to acute weight-loss and irregular food behavior. You might even face unwanted social embarrassing and this might lower down your self-esteem.
  • Your body needs will not be fulfilled and acute dissatisfaction will occur.

Poor health is one of the commonest consequences of eating disorders. Therefore, if you want to get rid of these disorders, then a perfect diet should be maintained. Only nutritional foods should be included so that you can receive unlimited health benefits.

What Is Pica? Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Pica is somewhat a rare eating disorder.

In this disorder, the patient’s does not loose diet, however they eat food of zero nutrition.For example dirt, paint etc. Sounds surprising? Let us give you a real life example.
It is mostly heard of in very poor countries, like some parts of Africa or Haiti, where they don’t have anything to eat. Dirt cookies are a form of diet for the people when there is no food at all. These cookies are actually made of mud!

Dirt is collected, mixed with water to soften, then a little bit of spices are added, that they have in hand like salt etc. After mixing thoroughly and the cookies are given their shape. Then they are sun dried and distributed in the village to eat. For them it is a way to mask their hunger and work with a pseudo full feeling.
One reason being poverty, but people in urban areas also suffer from pics. Mostly in these civilized areas, pica is due to psychological problems. Here is a video on what Pica is about.

This however, is a very dangerous act and can cause serious medical complications. Thus it is imperative to get certain medical tests done as soon as pica is suspected. Following are the causes of this eating disorder.
1) Eating non-nutritious items – these include the following
• ice
• soap
• buttons
• clay
• hair
• dirt
• sand
• the unused remainder of a cigarette
• cigarette ashes
• paint
• glue
• chalk
• feces
These are some of the most commonly occurring choices of patients with pica. However, you may note other options as well.
2) Mental health disorders
This is one of the major causes in urban/ civilized areas. Mental problems like schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder may cause pica. However, problems like stress and anxiety over a long period of time can also prove to be a leading factor for pica.

3) Cravings – abnormal cravings usually develop during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is not a pathology to be much scared of, but the deficiencies that might follow pica should be taken care of immediately.

These were some of the main causes of pica. Now let’s discuss how to treat this eating disorder.
Like every other medical problem, the first and the most important step in the treatment of pica is to identify the cause. Pica can only be treated if you eliminate the cause. Talking about treatment, this eating disorder is more psychological, hence the main treatment plan lies in the hands of a psychologist. How he talks the patient out of this habit. However, the medical problems that come after this eating disorder can only be cured by a physician. Thus, treatment for pica requires a combined effort of a psychologist and a physician.

Best Resources To Recover From An Eating Disorder

To fall prey to eating disorders or mental health disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot rebound. And neither does it mean that there is no way out of the ordeal. There is always a way. Doctors who wish to treat people with the mentioned disorders might also find this helpful.

We aim to acquaint you with eating disorder recovery resources and mental health resources related to said disorders in this blog post.
If you wish to seek help, you can always find downloadable content online.

There are e-books and articles written and published for this very purpose.

Apart from these, well-informed countries have recovery centers, too, to provide aid to ailing patients and to support and motivate them to battle their illnesses. You can contact doctors online, even refer another ailing patient to them.

Many organizations run awareness campaigns to let people know that what they are going through is common and has been dealt with.

They run seminars and later provide usable resources, basic instructions and exercise routines with which to start, to the attendees.
Many clinics offer treatments.

But let it be known that different people respond to different sorts of treatments. And you are first to consult with doctors familiar with your case before agreeing to any and all sort of procedures.

Another factor that comes into consideration is your social circle. Your family. The right kind of support from both can make a huge difference in your recovery. You need familial motivation and uplifting during your recovery to do even better, and to recover faster. There are support groups available for an even better recovery experience. You get to be people who are “just like you” to overcome your problems.
There are, furthermore, website signups for people who are likely to seek help online. These communities are quite similar to the others. They come with an additional benefit. You get to use statistics to both monitor and improve your progress.

There are also dietary supplements patients can take and doctors can recommend. These need to be considered carefully before being consumed.

Here is a list of online resources and treatment providers to consult.

1. Binge Eating Disorder Association
2. BodyImageHealth.org
3. Bulimia Nervosa Resource Guide
4. Eating Disorders Coalition
5. EDReferral.com
6. The Emily Program Foundation
7. Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders (FEAST)

Bottom line is, there are resources for those who are seeking treatment and want to get better. We hope this post helps a little bit to find help that you need.


What Are The Causes Of Eating-Disorders?

The nature of eating disorder is quite complicated and thus it cannot be resolved easily. This kind of disorder mainly initiates from human minds and thus the minds need to be controlled first and then only you can get rid of this trouble. There are some potential causes for which eating disorders in Massachusetts are going on increasing. Until and unless the causes of these disorders are detected perfect treatments cannot be decided at all.

Primary causes:

  • Psychology: Some powerful psychological factors responsible for eating-disorders are lower self-esteem, impulsiveness, perfectionism, troubled emotion, and inadequacy and hopelessness feel.
  • Genetics: Specific chromosomes are highly responsible for eating-disorders in both men and women. You might even get these disorders from your family-chain or heredity.
  • Biochemistry: Chemicals regulating appetite, stress, sleep and mood might become abnormal as a result of which eating-disorders might occur.
  • Culture: body dissatisfaction, desire to lose weight and excessive dieting are three main consequences of cultural influences. The desire of getting an improved social appeal can invite cute eating-disorders.

  • Environment: Some environmental factors that invite eating-disorders are relationship or family issues, troubled childhood, sexual or physical abuse, Peer pressure, excessive weight-loss activities and others.

The consequences of eating-disorders are highly devastating on nature. If you think that these disorders only happen to young fellows then you are wrong as they might be faced even by adults. Immediate treatments can efficiently deal with these disorders as a result of which you might get relieved from unwanted consequences.